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Finish Strong: Janine

December 26, 2020

Finish Strong: Janine

This momma's spunky, fun, and looking forward to the day when she can teach spin classes without a mask. Here's how she's reflecting on 2020. 

Holmes, New York

We’re closing in on the final days of 2020, any unfinished business you’re trying to tackle before the calendar flips? 
As I head into the last few days of 2020 I’m making a commitment to take care of a few, maybe not all the things on my to-do list but expecting to head into 2021 with a cleaner slate. Taking care of the unnecessary clutter that takes up space in my head. Trying to reassess the things that may not be as important anymore, because things are always changing and that’s OK! 

In spite of everything that’s unfolded in the past several months, what will you be most grateful for in 2020?
Feeling humble and grateful for the more simpler things in life....walks in the neighborhood , tea on the deck, fire pits, scented candles, HUGS & KISSES.....and most importantly my health!

What’s one buzz word (or phrase) you wish die with 2020? 
“The new normal” There is no such thing as “normal” 

Any favorite shows you’re watching this season?
The Umbrella Academy 

If you could choose one word or phrase to guide 2021 what would it be?
“Be Present” - often times my mind wanders back in to the past or even to the future and I forget to live in the moment, in the now! 

Go back to New Years Eve, 2019. If you could travel back in time, what advice would you give yourself?
Plot twist! Hold on tight girl you are in for one hell of a ride....Be calm, breathe, it’ll all be ok!

 Fast forward one year. What’s one thing you would have liked to achieve? 
Teaching my very first spin class in a studio without masks .

If you could sum up 2020 in either a song or movie title, what would it be?
“From a distance” by Bette Midler.

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