May 22, 2020


Ana Hutz
owner, Namaste Fitness Studio
Chula Vista, CA

Current stay-at-home status:

We’ve been at home since March 17; we’re hopeful that we can re-open by the beginning of June.
What are the hardest challenges you’ve experienced during lockdown?
Challenges many, but finding solutions to every challenge and working through it, that's been the name of the game.

#1. Our kids’ school closed their doors permanently; so they will not have a school to go back to in the Fall. At this moment they are still taking virtual classes from their amazing teacher who has taken both classrooms and has continued the curriculum until the end of this year, but we know we have to start looking to enroll them in a new school, it’s one of the most important things for us to know they are attending a great school, so new challenge to tackle in the upcoming months.

#2. Being away from our family who is -literally- all over the world!! My mother in law is stuck in Australia; she cannot come back to California yet, since she was visiting my sister in law. My brother lives in Sweden and was supposed to come visit this summer and he can’t. My family lives in Mexico and the border is closed until possibly July. We were going to visit other relatives in Europe this year, and well, that’s not looking like it’s going to happen. We miss everyone and even though we don’t see each other every day on a regular basis, it feels like forever until we can be together again.

#3. The at-home routine…or the lack of. The kids have classes daily, my husband is working from home since March 18 and he has taken over our dining room table, desk chair, computers and shelves. I am definitely working from home teaching classes daily and monitoring classes from everyone else to make sure it’s all running smoothly. Also trying to incorporate regular meal times, workout time, play time, bath time and of course sleeping time. There are days when all the times are out the door and time seems to stand still and nothing gets done… is it just us? Hopefully not! Being at home and creating a consistent routine for everyone is a challenge because let’s be honest, it doesn’t feel the same as when you get dressed to go out, leave home and do those activities in a different space where you don’t live! But we are doing our best to stay focused on out tasks and prioritizing everyone’s activities at the time they need to be done. We’re doing okay.

#4. Holding my community together. My work community, my students and my staff. To manage a brick and mortar business from a computer screen and a social media platform has been definitely a challenge. Making sure that my community knows that we are still here, that we are not going anywhere and that we stand together with everyone is the most important message for me to convey and I am not sure if I’m doing it right, but I sure am trying my best. To find light in everything that is going on and to keep reminding everyone how much we care about them though our words and actions behind the screen is a 24 hour job. I wouldn’t change it for anything, but exhaustion does sink in every once in a while. Naps are great when they happen (maybe once a week) haha!

Any blessings, glass-half-full moments?
So many eye-opening moments to beauty and love. So many people around us have shown us so much love, support and kindness in these times. We have seen so much beauty in people.

It might not seem like a lot, but the time we have gained back as a family has been a true blessing. Our daily activities like, work, school, parties, events, meetings, etc., had been keeping our schedules packed from sunrise to sundown. Our time to spend as a family doing the simple every-day things had been reduced to hours, if that, in a week. We had to schedule everything in advance and it seemed like our days were just flying by, sometimes feeling like nothing got done. We had to schedule family vacations months in advance just so we could take a break and spend time alone together. Now, time is what we have most and we have been making memories that we will hold in our hearts, not because they’re grand events, but because we will remember how we filled our time with each other’s company.

Taking care of ourselves physically and mentally more now that before. We had been moving at a fast pace for months and we were sacrificing the quality of our wellness for the quantity of time we had to do things throughout the day. Now that we are home we have been preparing most of our meals, we have gone back to our healthy diet with less processed food and we have been working out consistently from home and as soon as we could, back to regular chiropractor appointments that we enjoy so much.

What are you watching?
We’ve gone through many series on Netflix, like Working Moms, Ozark and Dead to me, as well as various documentaries about all kinds of topics, cooking shows of course like Nadiya’s Time to Eat and Restaurants on the Edge. And yes, the occasional “guilty pleasure” like Tiger King.

What are you learning?
I signed up for Master Class so I’ve been taking cooking classes, Mixology classes and even tech classes. I started to garden again and trying to figure out how to start up my produce crops for the fall. I’m about to start knitting again since I found my knitting supplies, and I started practicing Ashtanga Yoga, which I had never tried before. I am thinking of taking dance classes online and see how that goes.

Any new habits you’ve picked up?

No “new” habits, just went back to old routines like daily yoga practice and working out. I did however, start a more consistent skincare routine, almost turning 37 has made me think about paying more attention to my skin and the way I care for it. I have been trying to do night time showers or baths and then putting on my new face creams, masks, scrubs, ice roller…all that good stuff for our face!

Any random life hacks you’ve discovered?
Straightening my hair almost every day. My hair is curly and it’s usually in a bun because, well, I sweat for a living and it’s easy. But there’s something about taking 25 minutes to dry and style my hair just a bit that makes me feel good!! Even if it goes in a pony tail, but a styled ponytail makes me feel happy and like I took time for myself to look good for me. Also, keeping my bedroom clean and neat has made me feel really good. Usually I have baskets of clean laundry ready to be folded, then they get folded and new ones show up, but now, everything is folded and put away and I feel like the queen of the world.

Favorite quarantine snack?
There’s been an evolution of quarantine snacks. It started with chocolate and beer, then evolved to cheese and chips, now it’s raw walnuts, dried seaweed packets and fruit.

Favorite way to move your body?
Yoga, barre, pilates and occasional running.

Any favorite scripture or quote you’re loving?

“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try” - JFK

Connect with Ana on Instagram at: @namastefitnesssd

Janel’s Disclaimer: We know that the current global pandemic, COVID-19, has brought devastating and irreparable loss. This blog series in no way attempts to capture the scale and scope of this tragedy, but instead aims to share individual stories of everyday women living under various stages of stay-at-home orders across the country.


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