Action Inspired.
At its core, wreath + robe believes in the power of action. Our name was inspired by a culture that gave us the spirited gods of Greek mythology and established many of the athletic training philosophies that guide us today (effort + recovery = increased fitness).

As such, wreath + robe fancies itself a brand that serves modern-day goddesses living “all in” and chasing their passions in life and sport.

Consumer Driven.
We do things a little different. In times that glorify super-sized success over small starts, we’re experimenting with an alternative approach. Ethically-sourced, eco-friendly, small-batch creations paired with an upscale experience, and unrivaled customer service.

Woman Owned.
A one-woman shop, wreath + robe was created by Janel Broderick. Janel spent her earliest years running around the beaches of Hawaii, Saipan, and Guam, and exploring the mountains of Alaska.

Her professional life has unfolded in three acts: first, Janel worked in the nonprofit world, serving with an international humanitarian organization throughout Asia and the Pacific. (Highlight—meeting Mother Teresa!) Second, in the political realm, she served two governors, worked in the U.S. Senate, and at a major political committee.

In 2019, she grew her side hustle, expanding Jot & Tittle Designs; in 2020, she sharpened the brand's focus, renaming it wreath + robe.

She’s married to the love of her life, Brett, and together they live in Washington, DC. Her dream is to write a book and create jobs for impoverished women around the globe.

janel c. broderick

Janel’s a long-time fitness enthusiast, playing team sports throughout school, running nine marathons, numerous halfs, and adopting a love of yoga, barre, and Peloton workouts. She’s the only person under the age of 73 who regularly watches Murder, She Wrote.